Philodendron McColley’s Finale vs Prince Of Orange

Today we are going to be talking about everything you need to know when taking care of McColley’s Finale Philodendron. They are both very similar plants and really the difference is going to be just in when they put out new leaves the color that they are. So of course the Prince Orange going to have more of an orange leaf.

These leaves actually are in person are much more right and kind of just have that deeper colors. So if you have one or the other of the care is essentially going to be exactly the same. So stay tuned and we will get into the care for these guys.

When you’re looking at these growth habits for these plans they are of course going to be tropical plants and when you’re thinking about how they’re going in nature they’re typically going to be drunk or on the forest floor.

Because of that, they are going to begin in a dappled light that’s coming through other plants trees in the forest. So when you are providing wait for these guys that sell your house they can a hundred percent tolerate a lower lighting condition.

They’re felt like more than fill to it late now. If you have somewhere to house it’s a little bit brighter that’s great. You can put them there too.

If you’re going to lock it in a pitch-dark bathroom or just like put it in a sad corner where it’s not getting any light what you might start to notice is that it’s either going to grow slower. Or as it puts off new boobs they’re not going to be super vibrant. They just need to learn color they might just come out green altogether and you’ll lose that beautiful color of the new leaves.

When the new leaves pop I don’t think of this beautiful vibrant color and then as you can see with some of the bigger leaves they kind of go through this transition where they’ll turn into a little bit of a deeper ride. Then maybe more of like the brown color and eventually they just fully transition into a green leaf.

When you’re thinking about how to water these guys again that they are going to be native to a more tropical condition. So while they’re not going to want to have soapy wet soil they don’t mind retaining a little bit of moisture in there.

If you stick your finger in it and it’s feeling dry on top that’s probably time for watering.

They can tolerate lower humidity. Leaves do a really great job of holding it in that water and because of

that, they don’t really have to worry about you know like crispy brown edges or something like.

As it ages the only max out of about 1 foot tall however they can get to about 3 feet wide so they’ll kind of push out as time goes on and they can’t get a little bigger.

The next point is propagation. It’s not really like you need good points on a site right now that you would want to propagate the stem from.

These guys are considered toxic to pets so course if you have critters crawling around your house you will want to make sure that you either keep philodendron on a higher shelf or just happen it somewhere where they won’t have access.

Overall I think makes it a great option for beginners plus you know it’s just fun seeing these pops of color on a planet.