Deepwoods Farm


Deepwoods Farm is a small family farm with a 70 year history of growing delicious tomatoes. The power of our tomatoes are in their fleeting availability. They taste like summer and then they are gone. A pleasure that visits for only about 6-8 warm, wonderful weeks a year. What we do is all about flavor and taste. Located in Bradley County, 3 miles west of Warren, AR, home of the Pink Tomato Festival. We offer many heirloom varieties and our Amelia tomato, the best tasting hybrid on the market. At Deepwoods Farm, our tomatoes are only allowed to ripen under the Southern sun. Best part of all, you can purchase them already hand picked and packed or you can PICK YOUR OWN! Deepwoods Farm is completely owned and operated by the Terry Donnelly Family. Every tomato is hand grown, picked, and packed for customer satisfaction. Deepwoods Farm Heirlooms and Amelias are the best tasting tomaotes in country and we would love to help you receive your own delicious Bradley County Tomatoes.

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