Monstera Acuminata vs Adansonii

Monstera Acuminata

This vine is also known as the shingle plant it’s perennial evergreen in its use or as an ornamental for the leaves. It can grow as a house plant. I think that the flowers are not very significant there are.

It’s a house plant, it grows the houseman mostly. You can grow it also outdoor in a hardiness zone of 10B at least better 11A. It can grow in the tropical subtropical or the Mediterranean climate.

You need to understand that this plant doesn’t like the erect sun.

The best plant the season to plant it will be from the spring to the autumn.

It supposed to be from 6 to 15 feet and it’s usually under 1-3 feet in amazing condition.

The flowers blooming from the late spring to the summer. The flowers big white-yellowish.

The main thing that you need to know is it usually it’s easier to grow. It is a house plant and sprays once in a while the roots and of course fertilizer. And all the other things that general plants need like regular water or just to switch the soil once in a while.

Monstera Adansonii

This is a really popular plant because it’s incredibly beautiful and although I would consider it an easy care plant there are of course mistakes that can be made just as long as you go into care.

Water nothing fancy and I do this probably once every 10 days. I‘ll go ahead and feel the soil just stick my finger right on in there and if I can’t feel any moisture then water it.

If your plant is getting yellow leaves that can be a sign it’s overwatered. But it can also be a sign it’s underwater.

The next level of importance is soil. So I do prefer to use an airy chunky soil mix for this plant. If you are using a chunky soil mix it is a lot harder to get root rot on a plant just because it doesn’t compact down on the roots the same way like a very dense soil mix does.

If you’re using pre-mixed soil I would recommend going for a cactus or orchid mix. Probably orchid mix is my go-to personally but either will work. You can always add a little bit more perlite or something if you’re worried about the soil compacting down too much if you’re mixing your own soil.

Monstera Adansonii does prefer temperatures from around 60 to 80ish degrees that seem to be the sweet spot for a lot of plants.

It doesn’t like anything lower than 55 degrees. But that’s not to say if you have your plant in 75-degree temps and then you decide to move it somewhere else in your house where it’s a drastic change to 60 that can also be a detriment to your plant.

It does prefer bright indirect light but it can also tolerate lower light as well. Just the one thing you’re going to notice if you keep it in lower light is the growth is going to slow a little bit.

This plant doesn’t require high humidity. Again it’s going to do a lot better with a bit higher humidity but as long as you’re able to give it like 40 to 50 percent humidity will do just fine.