Magnolias For Small Gardens

Magnolia Caerhays Surprise

This is one of the finest magnolias that have been bred in the last 50 years it’s Magnolia Caerhays surprise and it’s extremely suitable for small gardens because it doesn’t grow into a great big tree. It flowers late in the year usually in early April. The flowers come out a very dark purple and gradually fade off to more of a pink. Continue reading

Saucer Magnolia vs Jane Magnolia

Saucer Magnolia (Magnolia x soulangeana)

This plant is one of the most iconic plants that can be because of its beautiful spring bloom and there’s a lot that goes in that. But much like other magnolias, fuzzy buds starting to form in august which will then result in beautiful flowers in the spring. Continue reading

Water Lily vs Lotus

Water lily

Water lily and a Lotus are often confused. Both have benefits to a water garden but the plants themselves are completely different. Water lily has a few characteristics that are unique it is shallow to mid-level plant and it grows in water from about 4 inches deep down to more than 3 feet with some varieties. Continue reading